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Creative Commons License
Polygon Phase by Zach Probst and Colin Topper is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Control a shape attempting to remain within the bounds of a playing field. Other polygons bombard your humble shape, trying to force you off of the screen. You must remain strong. You have one tool at your disposal against the onslaught of geometry, you can shape shift. You may pass through polygons of similar shape, destroying them, and gaining a massive score bonus. Stay alive and score high!

Please check out which made this project possible.


All art was created in Paint.NET by the developers.

Music - All Music files can be found at

"Raknights" by Smurd is licensed under CC BY SA

"Diji" by fast idio is licensed under CC BY NC SA

"Time Lapse" by Möbius is licensed under CC BY NC SA

"Snare Attack" by Sylergic is licensed under CC BY NC SA

"Machinations" by Technoillogical is licensed under CC BY NC SA


See Seperate SIL Open Font License License for "TERMINAL GROTESQUE REGULAR"

Sound Effects - All sound effect files can be found at

"btn402.mp3" by junggle is licensed under CC BY

"mini moon-mobile" by suonho is licensed under CC BY

"Machine Shutdown" by PatrickLieberkind is licensed under CC 0

Install instructions

Decompress the appropriate .zip anywhere you like. Run PolygonPhase.exe and enjoy!


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